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3 Sacks Cat litter natural cat 100% biodegradable - Talc Marpet - 1

3 Sacks Cat litter natural cat 100% biodegradable - Talc

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ÆQUILIBRIAVET NATURAL CAT LITTER BY MARPET Produced in regenerable plant-based materials based on MAIS, 100% Biodegradable and ecological with parameters certified by the Department of Veterinary Science of the University of Turin. PRODUCED IN ITALY.

Much lighter and more advantageous than traditional granulated litter, maximum absorbency and odor elimination.

Granules unlike other mineral bedding are free of dust that can increase the risk of respiratory diseases, very porous.

Great for both puppies and adults. 6 Liters = Duration 30 days, the lumps are disposed of in the toilet. * Please observe the local disposal regulations! *

LAVANDA would further benefit your cat because it is a skin disinfectant, thanks to its antiseptic properties. Moreover, it helps with continuous prevention for your cat from problems related to scalp fat and dandruff. It has refreshing and soothing properties and leaves a pleasant scent on your cat.

TALCO is an inorganic salt mineral, which has lubricating properties and a good ability to absorb moisture and oils. Improves the sensoriality of the products in which it is inserted. In addition to easily absorbing the grease that is created in the cat litter or on it’s scalp, also leaves a good smell on your cat.

Kind Of Product: Litter. Packaging: 18 Litres. Weight (Kg): Nine. Duration (days): Ninety. Type: Organic. Perfume: Talc.
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Pour the ÆQUILIBRIAVET eco-granules into the dry and thoroughly cleaned cat litter, evenly filling at height from 5 to 6 cm.

The granules immediately absorb the liquids, forming lumps that remain solid compact and BLOCK THE FORMATION OF THE ODOR retaining them (The completely natural active principle inhibits the formation of ammonia vapours responsible for the bad smell and reduces the presence of bacteria).

Dispose of lumps and solid waste daily in the toilet, in the biological bin or in the domestic garbage.

Re-fill the dose of the lumps removed with other cat litter granules.

Every 2 - 3 weeks the cat litter must be emptied and washed with warm water.


As with any new cat litter it is very important that your cat gradually gets used to ÆQUILIBRIAVET.

In the first two weeks you should therefore half fill the cat litter with ÆQUILIBRIAVET and for the other half with the previous type of granules.

However it is not recommended to mix with non-agglomerating bedding.

After two weeks your cat will totally accept ÆQUILIBRIAVET.

Solid formation of clots, fast and durable binding of the smell in the clots.

Up to two-thirds lighter than traditional cat litter products, lower waste weight, easy handling and cleanliness.

Absorbent strength is extremely delicate for your cat, free of dust so safe for the health of your cat and the environment.

Toilet disposable lumps, the disposal of impure lumps of waste can occur (just like toilet paper) in the normal domestic toilet. ÆQUILIBRIAVET will thus save you expensive taxes for waste. * Please observe the local disposal regulations!

The granules for litter are composed of raw materials of vegetal origin based on MAIS, 100% biodegradable, can be used as fertilizer.

WARNING - In becoming familiar with ÆQUILIBRIAVET on your cat’s part, it can happen that some granules are consumed and eaten. Since it is 100% composed of raw materials of plant origin, consumption does not represent a danger to your cat at all.


Natural hygiene power, Granules are 100% composed of raw materials of plant origin.

By means of mechanical processing degrees, the surface has been extremely enlarged, so that the granules have a spongy-like structure with a very large absorbent surface.

The liquid is absorbed in an extremely fast way, the molecules of the smells are bound in long-lasting lumps.

Thanks to 100% of raw materials of vegetable origin and modern processing technology, the granules weigh up to two thirds less than the traditional products used in cat litter.

In this way it is lighter and more environmentally friendly in transportation, and affects the weight in waste disposal.

The granules for litter are composed of 100% naturally renewable raw materials of plant origin based on MAIS and biodegradable, can be used as fertilizer.


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3 Sacks Cat litter natural cat 100% biodegradable - Talc

3 Sacks Cat litter natural cat 100% biodegradable - Talc

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